March 2021

You can omit the cheese if you would prefer it without.
This is a great dish for using up cooked chicken or
turkey or ham, cooked vegetables & bread.
This would be a good dish for a Monday if you cook a roast dinner on a Sunday. Just cook some extra vegetables to add to the following dish.
For the sauce:
     1oz/25g/1 heaped tablespoon Cornflour or plain flour
     1oz/25g butter or margarine
      1/2 pt/300ml Milk (whichever you normally use)
Seasoning -a little salt & black pepper according to your taste &  1/2 tsp
of mustard
2 - 4 oz Cheddar Cheese (use some in the sauce and some in the topping)
Additions to the sauce:
6oz cooked chicken or other preferred meat
Add any cooked vegetables i.e. broccoli, peas, carrots, sweetcorn or anything else that you have
Breadcrumbs (approx 2-3 tablespoons)
Make up the basic white sauce by blending the cornflour/flour with enough milk to make it a runny consistency.Bring the rest of the milk to the boil on the stove and stir in the cornflour mix and the butter as well as the seasoning & cheese (if using).Keep stirring until your sauce thickens, then take off the heat.
Stir into the sauce your chicken and vegetables pour it into a large oven proof dish or individual if you would prefer.
Mix the breadcrumbs with cheese and top the chicken & vegetables with it. If you like dot the top with butter and put it in the oven 200c/400f/ gas 6-7 for 10 -15 mins or slightly longer if needed, until the top is a golden brown.
This can be served with garlic bread if you fancy it.
Chicken & Vegetable Mornay
(“Mornay” means cheese-flavoured white sauce)
Kathleen Thomas