March 2021

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Cathy Clarke- clerk to Claypole PC
Claypole Parish Council News regarding The Larkfleet Planning Application
Claypole parish council has just been notified that Larkfleet have withdrawn their application to build 78 dwellings off Doddington Lane.Their withdrawal comes after the publication of the planning officer's recommendations that the application should be rejected on multiple grounds, and the certainty that the Planning Committee would reject the application.If Larkfleet retain their 'option' on the land with the landowner, they may decide at some point in the future to make a fresh application, but the breadth of the objections made by the planning officer makes it clear that it is not just about the design or the layout, rather that any proposed development on this site is likely to be rejected under the new Local Plan. The Planning officer's recommendations effectively endorsed all the objections contained in the council's objections. This will be a huge relief for many people.The parish council is really pleased to have robustly represented the community's views and the council owes thanks to the vice-chair, John Freeman, who has undertaken a huge amount of work/research over the last 18months. Thanks also to District Councillor Paul Wood for his support throughout.
You may recall that the council undertook crowdfunder to pay for the services of a planning consultant (whose advice/services have been incredibly useful). At the outset, it was agreed that any surplus would be used to start work on a Neighbourhood Plan for Claypole, which will set out the community's vision for the village's future development (on various fronts, not just planning and housing) so research will now start on this process- watch this space.